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Dr. Gregory has 30+ Years of experience and continued education in the field of chiropractic care serving the great people of Santa Fe NM.  Welcome to Pain Relief & starting to feel better now!

Located in Santa Fe, NM. Gregory Chiropractic is dedicated to helping you create and achieve your wellness objectives. Combining chiropractic and wellness knowledge and expertise Dr. Gregory is committed to helping you obtain optimal health and quality of life. By teaching and practicing the principles of chiropractic and wellness care.

People seeking treatment and knowledge at Gregory Chiropractic are assured of receiving genuine caring and a thorough quality of chiropractic care. I can help change your life.

Santa Fe Chiropractor. Dr Rick Gregory provides Chiropractic, Chronic Pain Management, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Sports Injury, Nutritional Counseling, Arthritis Therapy to the following locations: Central Santa Fe NM, Northern New Mexico, La Cienega, NM.